Thursday, 27 June 2013

Blue is the colour as Doctor Who-style phone boxes head for Leeds - Top Stories - Yorkshire Evening Post

Blue is the colour as Doctor Who-style phone boxes head for Leeds - Yorkshire Evening Post
Blue telephone boxes will soon be materialising on the streets of Leeds – but they’ll have nothing to do with Doctor Who.
Leeds-based telecommunications firm aql is planning to put about 24 old-style phone boxes in place at key locations around the city centre.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

BBC Cutbacks and the TARDIS is Hit First!!

In a leaked report from the BBC, Doctor Who is to have it's budget cut for the second time in it's long history.
A BBC spy has revealed that the TARDIS exterior is now to be filmed at a fixed secret location and will use the old technique of 'Colour Seperation Overlay' to give the illusion of landing at diffent locations, the exterior itself (pictured left) has been built by Mr. Dy Self of Cardiff in a further atempt at trimming the budget.
Executive Producer Stephen Moffitt has said the cuts "can and have to be incorperated into all sectors of the show and this alone will give the production crew a saving of well over £300,000 in the fiscul year"

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chilian army on standby

The Chilian government have called in the army after the accidental discovery of a Sillurian base whist trying to rescue trapped miners, a spokesman for Global Chemicals (Chile) has denied any knowledge of the base and went on to squash any rumours that their nearby plant was adding to the problem by toxic chemical dumping in the area.
An orbiting Dalek spaceship has been scanning the mine, and its commander has said that their abandoned 'Earth core' project in Bedfordshire will probably be relocated to the 'EXTERMINATED' correction 'soon to be vacant' mine system in Chile, even though the area seems to be unsafe with volcanic gasses and what seems to be giant maggots seeping through the open shaft.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Matt Smith Quits

delving into a drunken reporters night out with some guy who met Matt Smith last year at a party, Barry Slowday reports that after asking Matt if he would do a 'filum for Hollywood' Smith 27, replied "hell yes, I'd do it tommorow if they asked me.."

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Johnny Depp is the Doctor!

....digging about in some really old Russell T Davies interviews, he once laughing said "...and who knows we may have Johnny Depp playing the Doctor in a movie", so we thought we'd make a phenominal headline to see how many websites pick it up.